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What Makes Reading Hard

Get Reading Help in Central Indiana at Learning Rx Indy

Did you know researchers say 88% of the nation’s reading problems are rooted in the way the brain is wired? Yep.

Nine out of ten people who struggle with reading, do so for the exact same reason. What’s that reason? A single brain skill that is critical to reading success – auditory processing. Auditory processing is one of a handful of core cognitive skills that determines how well our brains handle not only written words, but also the rush of information coming at us from every area of life.

If an individual is falling short in grasping or processing information, “trying harder” or hiring tutors will fall short, because the problem is rooted in how the brain is wired and weak cognitive skills. If even one core cognitive skills is weak, it can keep the brain from fully grasping, processing, or even hanging on to incoming information and you may find you have trouble with activities such as:

  • Reading a book

  • Studying for a test

  • Handling tasks at home or work

  • Chatting with friends

  • Driving a car or operating machinery

  • Learning math facts

  • Organizing and completing routine tasks

  • Remembering instructions

  • Reading comprehension

The big question – can weak cognitive skills be strengthened? Yes, indeed they can! That’s where Learning Rx comes to the rescue.

Neuroscientists tell us the brain can strengthen and even rewire the neural connections that make up our core brain skills and determine IQ. This amazing ability is called neuroplasticity and the very cool part is that your brain can do it at any age! Yes, at any age!

At Learning Rx Indy, our certified brain trainers, work one-on- one with clients of all ages, using intense mental exercise to harness the brain’s neuroplasticity for dramatically improved performance. We love watching our clients go through our programs and strengthen their cognitive skills. It’s life changing for so many and provides unmatched improvements. In fact, our clients gain an average of 3.1 years of reading skills after just 72 hours of one-on- one brain training. Compare that to tutoring and Learning Rx is seven times more effective than even the best reading tutoring programs!

Is reading challenging for you or someone close to you? We can help. Shoot me an email or give me a call and let’s chat. Email us

-Heather Koenig, Director

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