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CONGRATULATIONS, WILL!  You win the award for the most amazing transformations of self confidence.  LearningRx was tough for you in the beginning but, you pushed through and YOU DID IT!! You made it through with some pretty amazing transformations! Our favorite is your confidence level and your ability to work on hard things without shutting down!  But I think your parents loved the change in how you can now understand more of what is being said in school and you are learning so much better!  You have such a bright future!  We are excited to see where life takes you!    


CONGRATULATIONS, MISS GRACIE!  WOW! TALK ABOUT LIFE CHANGING!  You are a wonderful example of what hard work can do!  You came in for training with such a happy, cheerful, and excited attitude every time!  You kept us hopping for sure!  But, most exciting is the changes your parents have shared with us.  You are turning in all your work, doing better at understanding and learning, getting much better grades, remembering instructions at home, and best of all, feeling like you like school again!  You have done an amazing job in your training and it shows!  We are so proud of you!  We sure miss your energy around here!


CONGRATULATIONS, MATIAS!  Our friend, Matias, there will never be another you here at LearningRx! We are going to miss you!  But, we know we are sending you off a stronger reader than when you came to us 6 months ago!  You are such a smart, funny, friendly, happy, and determined young man.  You have nothing but bright things to come in your future.  We loved to hear your parents brag on the changes you have made at home and school.  Things like working more efficiently, remembering things better, reading better, and feeling better about yourself.  We LOVE those improvements. We look forward to hearing how you are doing in the upcoming school year and in your future.  You are AMAZING!  NEVER forget that!  


CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREW!  You win the prize!  You made some of the most amazing improvements!  When you began at LearningRx you couldn't read well, you were struggling with spelling, retaining and learning information, and you were angry and sad because if it.  We could completely understand that!  Your training wasn't easy but you pushed through it and learned that REALLY hard work can change your life!  We will never forget you reading part of your book out loud to us a few weeks before you finished your training.  Your fluency, expression, and interpretation was FABULOUS!  Your Mom and Dad bragged on your grades improving, your attitude improving, but I think they are most amazed at your sweet heart that can shine through now.  You are such a kind, smart, and gentlemanly young man and it has been a blessing to know you.  God has some amazing things in store for you.   Don't forget about us when you make it to the top. :-)  JOB WELL DONE, ANDREW!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Sophia!  When we think of spunky personality, you will forever be in our minds!  We LOVE that spunk!  You are so talented in so many ways.  It was your academic struggles that needed our attention though.  You were struggling with reading, memory, attention, to name a few.  But, that's not who you are anymore!  Hearing your mom read her improvements at your graduation was an emotional event.  She mentioned specific things like your memory being extremely strong now, you are doing your homework independently without even being asked, your grades have improved dramatically, and your NWEA scores had the biggest jump your teacher had ever seen!  We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what you accomplish.  You are capable of amazing things and you now have the tools to succeed!  Your future is very bright! We miss your spunky self already, girl!  JOB WELL DONE!!

CONGRATULATIONS, LONDON! When you first came to us, you were struggling to remember anything you were learning.  Your mom was helping you with every step of school and even then, you were not passing subjects.  It's amazing to fast forward 6 months and see what you are now!  Your mom now tells us that you work completely independently in school!  She says that you now write a paper and she doesn't even have to correct anything on it.  You remember what you are learning, you can focus and pay attention now, you don't avoid doing tasks, reading and comprehension has improved dramatically, and you are lightening fast at getting your work done!  Mom also says that you understand when your teachers are going over complex subjects and your grades reflect these improvements.  You have done an amazing job here!  MOVE OVER EINSTEIN, LONDON IS IN THE HOUSE!!!  We are so proud of you! We hope you stop by every now and then to let us know how you are doing. We will miss you! NICE JOB, LONDON!

CONGRATULATIONS, GRANT!  You have done an amazing job here!  On the surface, we can see that you have grown to be such an amazingly confident young man! Your Mom and Dad say that you are more independent with your work, read more fluently, understand what you read,  take more responsibility, and you remember things now.  We love to hear that you want to try to do school assignments by yourself before asking for help and that you don't give up easily or feel overwhelmed easily. Your parents also second our observation that you are tons more confident too.  You have already tackled  and overcome so much in your short life! You have shown your "muchness" time and time again.  Grant, God has amazing plans for you and you are going to rise to any challenge He puts in your path.   We miss you already here at LearningRx!!  JOB WELL DONE!!

CONGRATULATIONS, BEN! You are one hard worker!  You came here every training session ready to work and ready to conquer!  We are so impressed at some of the major improvements you experienced here at LearningRx.  You struggled with processing speed, memory, logic, and even your visual processing which was keeping you from being a good, fluent reader.  But, not now!! It is like you took a 180 degree turn. We are proud of you. Mom and Dad are proud of you.  I know you are very proud of yourself as you should be.  You can now remember things, understand and follow what your teacher is teaching, and you are making good decisions without feeling overwhelmed easily or giving up when something is hard. You are an amazing young man with great determination and, you will go very far with that quality.  GREAT JOB!

CONGRATULATIONS, LIVIA!  Your sweet and gentle heart are sure going to be so missed here at the LearningRX center.    You were such a hard worker here and in your homeschooling!  We love that you are now reading and doing so very fluently with understanding.  You are SO much faster at doing your work, which has made Mom super excited.  Mom also has bragged on how strong your memory is now and how much of a transformation it has been from when you first began training.  She also says that you are able to logically think through problems now whether it's for school, math , or at home.  GOOD JOB, FRIEND!  You are really on the path to success!  We couldn't be more proud of all of your accomplishments! 


CONGRATULATIONS, BETHANY!  You sure kept us laughing here at LearningRx. You are an amazing young lady with so much joy and passion.  It has been such a pleasure to know you and see you progress in your school work.  You parents say that your confidence level has soared!  They are proud that you are doing better in math and remembering information in school.  You are telling us that you are a better and faster reader and can comprehend what you are reading!  What an amazing transformation.  You have so much heart and love for others.  Great things are in store for your life!


CONGRATULATIONS, BEN!  WOW! Amazing improvements!  From the moment we met you, we knew you were going to do great through your training.  You have amazing determination and it not only showed up here but at school while telling your teacher you wanted to move up in reading groups.  We are so impressed with your reading improvements but your focus and attention really is a BIG change for you.  From rocking in your seat and fidgety to sitting for an entire hour and a half to do your training or sitting to learn in class!  You have become a self starter with more motivation and confidence to do well with the new tools you have been given at LearningRx.  They sky is your limit, dear friend! Your potential has been unleashed on this world. :-)We can't wait to see the places you will go!!!! 


CONGRATULATIONS, BRITTANY!  Our local college student!  What a difference before and after!  You were so skeptical when you came to us but you had been struggling and having to repeat classes.  So, you gave us a chance.  We are so glad you did and that we have had the chance to know you!  Besides being an amazing person, you are now passing your classes and moving forward  with all the potential that was there within you!  What a pleasure it has been to work with you to unlock that potential.  We love getting your test score updates and your reports on how you are using all your newly learned strategies to stay organized and study and retain information.  Your improvements, like your new PHENOMENAL memory, lightening fast Brittany processing speeds, stronger logic and reasoning, have changed your world.  We look forward to your college graduation in 2018 knowing you will make it without a hitch now!    NICE JOB, BRITTANY!

CONGRATULATIONS, CAROLINE! We have very much enjoyed having this young lady in our center for her program. You have "wowed" us! You came in struggling in every way in school and getting so many accommodations.  But, that's not how you are leaving us 6 months later.  You now have the capability to do more subjects at school instead of just two! You have a stronger memory, faster processing speed, stronger attention skills, amazing logic/reasoning skills, and your reading/comprehension skills are so improved!  Mom and Dad see this too and we loved hearing them brag on you during your graduation about how you have become more confident and struggle so much less at home. Oh the places you will go from here! We can't wait to hear about your many successes to come.  We are so proud of you! 

CONGRATULATIONS, JOSEPH!   What can we say about such a confident and smart young man!  You came in with many struggles in school including trouble with comprehension, attention/focus, memory, and you were just getting frustrated with the effort you had to put forth for something that came easily to others.  How different you are now, only 6 months later! Your mom and dad tell us that you now pay attention to details of work, you choose to ask for help, your grades have improved, you remember everything now, you take ownership of your work , and you are now even encouraging your friends to stay focused and have good attention skills.  You are a natural born leader, friend!  We love that you are helping others who struggle as you once did.  We couldn't be more proud of you and look so forward to updates as you go through school.  We know God has great things in store for you! We will miss you and your amazing personality. 


We are so proud of what you accomplished here at LearningRx. You came in here a struggling reader and you had many other struggles in school.  You left here a confident young lady who now wants to read and knows that she can do anything she's puts her mind to.  Your mom and dad noticed that confidence too but they also LOVE that you are remembering things better and taking less time to do homework.  Things have gotten easier for you, Norah.  The sky is the limit.  We love that you wore your Future President T-shirt for graduation because now, it's very likely true. :-)  You can count on our vote! We look forward to hearing great things to come for you!

CONGRATULATIONS,  QUINN!  What a great job you did in juggling all of your responsibilities during your LearningRx program!  You are a busy young man but you still managed to do all that we asked of you during your program. You started here at a time when you were easily frustrated and easily flustered when things were hard and you didn't understand.  You had trouble focusing in class, organizing school work, remembering to do homework (remembering in general :-), and following sets of instructions.  Through your program, you worked hard on areas of your brain that made those things go away for you. So, now, you are extremely confident, ask questions when you don't understand, work independently, read more fluently, you don't get flustered, and you remember things. Mom is really happy you remember her list of chores for you now.  Your improvements are so evident both at home and school. NICELY DONE, QUINN! You have an amazingly bright future. We look forward to getting updates as you succeed in your future! 

CONGRATULATIONS, ETHAN!  When we say "WOW!" we do not use it lightly.  You came in to our center as a high ability student and you were determined to get your brain even stronger.  It is rare to see such extreme determination in a young man your age but you have that and more! We love to hear your Mom and Dad were bragging on you.  They saw your memory get even stronger, your reading get even faster, and your time spent on homework lessen significantly.  Amazing effort, amazing results, amazing young man!   You are missed!!  JOB WELL DONE, ETHAN!!

CONGRATULATIONS, BRENDAN!  You are one incredible young man! Words can not express how much we care for you here at LearningRx.  You had to overcome so much during your time here with us and it was our pleasure to know and pray for you at this time in your life when facing the passing of your father.  You improved SO much on so many things and you are truly one of the most determined young men we know.  I know your mom saw major improvements for you like better memory, attention, a fast processing speed, and reading is easier for you.  We so enjoyed getting to know you and LOVE the passion you have in your heart! God has put that kind of passion in your heart for a reason.  He has plans for you! You have so much potential and have some great things ahead in your life.  We can't wait to see where you will go from here! CONGRATULATIONS!

CONGRATULATIONS, ALEX! This was such a fun graduation.  You have an amazing personality and you are one funny guy!  We are so proud of your accomplishments here at LearningRx!  We love that you are proud of those accomplishments as well.  Mom and Dad say that your MATH comprehension and performance has sky rocketed.  You said you now have an "A" in math.  WOW!  Mom says your processing speed is crazy fast now, you can organize writing reports now, your memory has greatly improved, you are so much more FOCUSED and work independently, you can tune out distractions, make less mistakes on work, and you are more confident.  We can see all of those things and more, friend!  Watch out! Your potential is showing! :-)   GREAT JOB, ALEX!

CONGRATULATIONS, ALEX!  Holy Smokes!  What an amazing transformation you have had at LearningRx!  When you came in, you were working so hard to get any schoolwork done with lots of assistance and math was very difficult for you.  Your processing speed was keeping you from completing work or understanding things going on around you and if you processed it, you didn't remember it.  By the middle of your program we were seeing some MAJOR CHANGES and that's when you took your spring NWEA test and you simply blew the minds of your teachers.  UP 17 POINTS? Unreal increases for a test that only expects to see small increases.  But, that's exactly what you did.  Now, school takes less time and you are now working independantly! You have WOWED everyone and you have gained huge amounts of confidence which is evident on you.  To say that we are proud of you is an understatment.  CONGRATULATIONS young man! We can't wait to see where you go from here!

CONGRATULATIONS, NICK!  Look how far you have come!  Your hard work pays off, friend!  We have seen some MAJOR changes in you here at LearningRx.  You had several challenges when you first came to us.  But, you have overcome so much in the past 6 months!  We agree with your mom who says you are handling difficult situations so much better.  You are reading better, you now communicate when things are upsetting to you, you are doing better at following multistep instructions, and TONS better at working without getting distracted.  Overall, you communicate better than before and you are more confident in yourself.  We are looking forward to what is to come in your life.  You have so much potential and we are so proud of how hard you work here at LearningRx.  You are one incredible young man, Nick! Don't ever change your silly sense of humor and your super personality.  We love those things that make you who you are! AMAZING JOB, NICK!!  

CONGRATULATIONS, JAMIE! We have seen such a transformation in you. Jamie is one of our adult clients.  She first came to us with a serious struggle remembering "almost anything" and feeling flustered easily in many different situations.  We were so proud to hear your improvments for yourself.  You are graduating with a very strong memory, an AMAZING processing speed, and you are able to figure out a good strategy for problems that arise in your life without feeling completely overwhelmed.  You are truly AMAZING!  We already miss you so much here at the center.  We already miss you around here so much.  You brightened our day with your contagious smile and sweet heart.  

CONGRATULATIONS, JON! You are amazing. Jon came to us after struggling to focus and pay attention in his high ability classes. His teacher told his mom that ADHD medication was the only answer. Not accepting the idea of medicating her son, Jon's mom found LearningRx. In 6 months Jon made some very major improvements with focus, attention, spelling, reading comprehension, organization, and his grades. We LOVED seeing his improved school work. But, we also enjoyed hearing that his teacher noticed the difference. She even asked Jon's mom which ADHD medication Jon was now taking. Imagine the teacher's shock when the answer was, "We didn't medicate him, but, we did LearningRx." That's the kind of real life application we like to hear about! NICELY DONE, JON! We can't wait to see what your future holds!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, EVAN! We only have one word for you! WOW!!! You graduated yesterday but we will remember you forever. We were so proud to hear you tell us that you used to HATE reading but now you can hardly wait to get through a book because you want to know what is next. Now you LOVE to read because it's easier and you understand what you read. Mom and Dad said you are faster learning and remembering, more independent at home, you have more self confidence, and your grades (especially in reading) improved. We love all the changes you are seeing in your life. The sky is the limit for you and we know you are going to succeed at whatever you do! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, our Star Wars loving friend! :-)

CONGRATULATIONS, CALLIE!  Talk about life change!  You have done an amazing job at LearningRx!  When you came in, reading was a huge struggle and many other things in your life seemed hard.  We are so proud of the major accomplishments you have had here!  Things like learning to love reading, having TONS more confidence and TONS less anxiety, learning that you can do almost anything if you put the effort into it, finding more independance, and taking more responsibility are a few improvements we heard from Mom and Dad!  We couldn't be more proud of you.  You have so many great things in store for your life and we have been so priviledged to be a part of that.  


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